21 February, 2013

Foreign travel

  Man behind the cash register in California, “I have never been out of the country. Well, no…that is not quite true. I have been to Arizona and Nevada.”

19 February, 2013

“Do you want to live forever?”

  Dude on the street holding open a notebook full of scribblings and charts, “Do you want to live forever?” “No.” Dude, as he storms off, “Man, another one lost. That was why… Continue reading

65 Years Together

Russ, in his World War II Veterans ball cap and short sleeved plaid shirt tucked into his jeans, will be 89 next week. He was sitting in the massage chair next to mine.… Continue reading

13 February, 2013

Sage Marital Advice

Rotund man in his mid-40s, whining loudly on his cell phone a couple aisles away, “You are always bucking at me. Always bucking at me. Just bucking and kicking and bucking and kicking.… Continue reading

9 February, 2013